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Duration : 76 Hrs.
Pre-requisite : C C++ Programming

Contents :

  Introduction to. Net Framework Using Visual Studio 2010
  OOP : Class, Object ,Inheritance, Polymorphism
  Interfaces ,Properties ,Indexers
  Fundamentals of Spring Framework
  Attributes : Standard and Custom
  Exception Handling
  File IO and Serialization
  Multi-Threading ,Thread Synchronization
  Thread Synchronization ,Reflection
  Events and Delegates
  Win Forms ,Custom controls
  ADO.NET : Connected/Disconnected Architecture
  Data Binding and data bound controls
  Generics and Collections
  Handling XML
  COM Interoperability
  Deployment of .Net applications
  Introduction to WPF, WCF, WF

Key Learnings

  Write applications that run on any Windows OS
  Develop different artifacts of .Net system like Dlls, Console App, GUI
  Object Oriented Modeling
  Design and development of multi-threaded database applications

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